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Selectman (RINO) Connolly and RTC Chair RINO J NOTARO

1) Selectman Connolly was for the 2-1/2 override ( Would have cost the people in the town $$$$$ higher Taxes)
2) Voted with MRD on almost every issue the same as MRD has.
3) Supports Liberal Dem Rep H Naughton – Tax and spend Liberal – Helped write the Bathroom Bill.
4) With his Little buddy the chair of the Clinton Town republican committee (Joe RINO Notaro) has gone against most all conservatives in the town.
5) Connolly and Notaro are nothing close to being Republicans.
6) Joe Notaro website says that Connolly is a champion of conservatism – But both of there actions in the past shows the real Liberals they both are.
Check out the Liberal Joe Notaro Chair of the RTC RINO site.
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