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Sheriff Joe sends detectives to Honolulu…(OBAMA Birth Record a Forgery)

Sheriff Joe sends detectives to Honolulu…

(WND) – In a major development in his probe of Barack Obama’s eligibility for Arizona’s 2012 presidential ballot, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has dispatched his lead Cold Case Posse investigator and a deputy detective to Hawaii.

The mission to Obama’s purported birthplace comes as the Hawaii Department of Health continues to resist efforts by Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett to verify that the Honolulu agency has a valid birth certificate on file for Obama.

Former Bergen County, N.J., detective Mike Zullo and his volunteer team were commissioned by Arpaio last September to investigate Obama’s eligibility after citizens raised concerns about the authenticity of the birth record the White House posted on its website. Zullo’s team announced March 1 that it found probable cause that the document is a forgery.

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  1. Philip H permalink
    05/22/2012 7:22 PM

    So either the Hawaii Department of Health has no valid file for the one called Barack Obama, or Hawaii desires for the other states to keep Obama’s name from being printed on the ballots in the November election. With the confession in a New Jersey court that Obama’s published certificate is not valid, means that the claim that the DNC has properly vetted the candidate is fictitious and fraudulent. His name should be eliminated from all ballots within all US states and territories, unless and until ALL records of Barack Obama (and Barry Soetoro – his alias) are open to everyone, and such information proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Obama/Soetoro was never a citizen or subject of any foreign country. Of course, the only public record of his education shows that he was an Indonesian citizen that went by the name Barry Soetoro. Either he is Indonesian, or he has a childhood history of identity and citizenship fraud.


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