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Saleha Mahmood Abedin, the mother of Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff, reportedly served in the women’s division of the Muslim Brotherhood alongside the wife of Egypt’s new president, the Brotherhood’s Mohammed Mursi.

WND previously exposed Abedin represented a Muslim charity known to have spawned terror groups, including one declared by the U.S. government to be an official al-Qaida front.

WND also reported Clinton spoke at Abedin’s Saudi women’s college, where she was introduced by Abedin alongside the Islamic activist’s daughter, Huma, who serves as Clinton’s chief of staff. At the speech, Clinton praised Saleha’s “pioneering work.”

Saleha Abedin is also the mother-in-law of disgraced former Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y.

Now, author Walid Shoebat is reporting that while she acted as one of 63 leaders of the Muslim Sisterhood, the de facto female version of the Muslim Brotherhood, Saleha Abedin served alongside Najla Ali Mahmoud, the wife of Mursi. Both were members of the Sisterhood’s Guidance Bureau, found Shoebat.

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Saleha Mahmood Abedin is an associate professor of sociology at Dar Al-Hekma College in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, which she helped to create. She formerly directed the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs in the U.K. and served as a delegate for the Muslim World League, an Islamic fundamentalist group Osama bin Laden reportedly told an associate was one of his most important charity fronts.

In February 2010, Clinton spoke at Abedin’s college, where she was first introduced by Abedin and then praised the work of the terror-tied professor:

“I have to say a special word about Dr. Saleha Abedin,” Clinton said. “You heard her present the very exciting partnerships that have been

pioneered between colleges and universities in the United States and this college. And it is pioneering work to create these kinds of relationships.

“But I have to confess something that Dr. Abedin did not,” Clinton continued, “and that is that I have almost a familial bond with this college. Dr. Abedin’s daughter, one of her three daughters, is my deputy chief of staff, Huma Abedin, who started to work for me when she was a student at George Washington University in Washington, D.C.”

As WND was first to report, Abedin once reportedly represented the Muslim World League, or MWL, a Saudi-financed charity that has spawned Islamic groups accused of terror ties. One of the groups was declared by the U.S. government to be an official al-Qaida front.

Abedin has been quoted in numerous press accounts as both representing the MWL and serving as a delegate for the charity.

In 1995, for example, the Washington Times reported on a United Nations-arranged women’s conference in Beijing that called on governments throughout the world to give women statistical equality with men in the workplace.

The report quoted Abedin, who attended the conference as a delegate, as “also representing the Muslim World League based in Saudi Arabia and the Muslim NGO Caucus.”

The U.N.’s website references a report in the run-up to the Beijing conference also listing Abedin as representing the MWL at the event.

The website posted an article from the now defunct United States Information Agency quoting Abedin and reporting she attended the Beijing conference as “a delegate of the Muslim World League and member of the Muslim Women’s NGO caucus.”

In the article, Abedin was listed under a shorter name, “Dr. Saleha Mahmoud, director of the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs.”

WND has confirmed the individual listed is

Huma Abedin’s mother. The reports misspelled part of Abedin’s name. Her full professional name is at times listed as Saleha Mahmood Abedin S.

Al-Qaida links

The MWL, meanwhile, was founded in Mecca in 1962 and bills itself one of the largest Islamic non-governmental organizations.

But according to U.S. government documents and testimony from the charity’s own officials, it is heavily financed by the Saudi government.

The MWL has been accused of terror ties, as have its various offshoots, including the International Islamic Relief Organization, or IIRO, and Al Haramain, which was declared by the U.S. and U.N. a terror financing front.

Indeed, the Treasury Department, in a September 2004 press release, alleged Al Haramain had “direct links” with Osama bin Laden. The group is now banned worldwide by United Nations Security Council Committee 1267.

There long have been reports citing accusations the IIRO and MWL also repeatedly funded al-Qaida.

In 1993, bin Laden reportedly told an associate that the MWL was one of his three most important charity fronts.

An Anti-Defamation League profile of the MWL accuses the group of promulgating a “fundamentalist interpretation of Islam around the world through a large network of charities and affiliated organizations.”

“Its ideological backbone is based on an extremist interpretation of Islam,” the profile states, “and several of its affiliated groups and individuals have been linked to terror-related activity.”

In 2003, U.S. News and World Report documented that accompanying the MWL’s donations, invariably, are “a blizzard of Wahhabist literature.”

“Critics argue that Wahhabism’s more extreme preachings – mistrust of infidels, branding of rival sects as apostates and emphasis on violent jihad –laid the groundwork for terrorist groups around the world,” the report continued.

An Egyptian-American cab driver, Ihab Mohamed Ali Nawawi, was arrested in Florida in 1990 on accusations he was an al-Qaida sleeper agent and a former personal pilot to bin Laden. At the same time he was accused of serving bin Laden, he also reportedly worked for the Pakistani branch of the MWL.

The MWL in 1988 founded the Al Haramain Islamic Foundation, developing chapters in about 50 countries, including for a time in Oregon until it was designated a terror organization.

In the early 1990s, evidence began to grow that the foundation was funding Islamist militants in Somalia and Bosnia, and a 1996 CIA report detailed its Bosnian militant ties.

The U.S. Treasury designated Al Haramain’s offices in Kenya and Tanzania as sponsors of terrorism for their role in planning and funding the 1998 bombings of two American embassies in East Africa. The Comoros Islands office was also designated because it “was used as a staging area and exfiltration route for the perpetrators of the 1998 bombings.”

The New York Times reported in 2003 that Al Haramain had provided funds to the Indonesian terrorist group Jemaah Islamiyah, which was responsible for the 2002 Bali bombings that killed 202 peopl

e. The Indonesia office was later designated a terrorist entity by the Treasury.

In February 2004, the U.S. Treasury Department froze all Al Haramain’s financial assets pending an investigation, leading the Saudi government to disband the charity and fold it into another group, the Saudi National Commission for Relief and Charity Work Abroad.

In September 2004, the U.S. designated Al-Haramain a terrorist organization.

In June 2008, the Treasury Department applied the terrorist designation to the entire Al-Haramain organization worldwide

Bin Laden’s brother-in-law

In August, 2006, the Treasury Department also designated the Philippine and Indonesian branch offices of the MWL-founded IIRO as terrorist entities “for facilitating fundraising for al-Qaida and affiliated terrorist groups.”

The Treasury Department added: “Abd Al Hamid Sulaiman Al-Mujil, a high-ranking IIRO official [executive director of its Eastern Province Branch] in Saudi Arabia, has used his position to bankroll the al-Qaida network in Southeast Asia. Al-Mujil has a long record of supporting Islamic militant groups, and he has maintained a cell of regular financial donors in the Middle East who support extremist causes.”

In the 1980s, Mohammed Jamal Khalifa, Osama bin Laden’s brother-in-law, ran the Philippines offices of the IIRO. Khalifa has been linked to Manila-based plots to target the pope and U.S. airlines.

The IIRO has also been accused of funding Hamas, Algerian radicals, Afghanistan militant bases and the Egyptian terror group Al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya.

The New York Post reported the families of the 9/11 victims filed a lawsuit against IIRO and other Muslim organizations for having “played key roles in laundering of funds to the terrorists in the 1998 African embassy bombings,” and for having been involved in the “financing and ‘aiding and abetting’ of terrorists in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.”

‘Saudi government front’

In a court case in Canada, Arafat El-Asahi, the Canadian director of both the IIRO and the MWL, admitted the charities are near entities of the Saudi government.

Stated El-Asahi: “The Muslim World League, which is the mother of IIRO, is a fully government-funded organization. In other words, I work for the Government of Saudi Arabia. I am an employee of that government.

“Second, the IIRO is the relief branch of that organization, which means that we are controlled in all our activities and plans by the Government of Saudi Arabia. Keep that in mind, please,” he said.

Despite its offshoots being implicated in terror financing, the U.S. government never designated the MWL itself as a terror-financing charity. Many have speculated the U.S. has been trying to not embarrass the Saudi government.

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  • Hillary is working with obama to get guns out of the U.S. by pushing and signing the UN treaty, which is working behind the back of congress, to prohibit the owning of guns and ammo. Remind you of someone–perhaps Hitler, and other ruthless czars, dictators, etc…?

  • piglett

    Go back on Hilaries associations and work with Panthers, Nation of Islam, college and after work, even during Bills tenure and her U.N. work, and this is not surprising, and figures into my estimation of the whole Obama hiring and appointments. Aside from traveling alot on taxpayers dime, and fund raising by influencing Bill to give pardons to rich tax evaders for personal gain, and taking “the 5th” aganst testiying during Whitewater investigation, how much State Department experience did she have? Ambassador, Governor, business owner, long time senator?  Now of the Presdents staff had any more experience in actual U.S. History or Government Life and systems, past policies or hiring than the most recent Democratic talking points and copycat lessons from Democrats before them, and what they got away with. As a feminist, Hilary has no respect for old negpotism rules and regs, due to radical “statistical womens” rights and liabilities, as a lawyer and liberal East Coast bra burner.

    She may have started out “networking” womens issues, but both she and Obama…

    show more

  • notyranny47

    If 250 citizens of Surprise, Arizona could go to their sheriff and he’d go to all the trouble and expense of digging and finding what they did, ithen Sheriff Joe asking for a Congressional investigation, Congress is in DERELICTION OF DUTY not to look into it. This is the worst fraud perpetrated on America, far worse than Watergate — and our own Congress won’t even look into it.  I’m so sick of seeing them nipping around BHOs heels and whining about him violating the Constitution, over and over and over again.  They HAVE the goods on him in the form of all his forged documents proving his ineligibility, including the BC, Selective Service card, Social Security number, yet they won’t exercise their power.  I’ve never been more disgusted in my life.  I’ve got a letter ready to go in the mail to Boehner and several other folks, and I asked Boehner if he was planning to look into it and if not, WHY NOT????  Said I’d be awaiting his reply to this…

    show more

  • notyranny47

    She’s cut from the very same cloth as Obama.

  • jhpoland

    Hillary is in her own way a terrorist Attempting to steal away  freedoms through Health Care and International Treaties to strip USA Citizens of gun rights ..Yes This Woman Believes we should give away Our Soverenty to help Take Away  constitutional rights.!!!!!!.That is Terrorism to All US Citizens!!. For a Woman with Nothing in a resume but being married to a philandering Husband and creating Hell for his mistresses..running and getting elected in NY ..Where she did Nothing but run for President..People who sing her Praises …need a Lobotomy!!!!!!!!!!

  • John Smith

    Come on folks

    There are only 300 million plus people in the USA and 7+ billion worldwide.

    There obviously is a limited pool Hillary could pick from. No collusion or conspiracy
    here, move along, move along 🙂

    The really sad part is that it really doesn’t matter which political party one wants to affliate themselves with the situation is going to be the same

  •  Some do not understand why “the Republicans in Congress” do not make this more of an issue. That’s because you still think the RNC are the “good guys” on the premise that if one party is bad, the other must be good. That is not a necessary premise or conclusion in a real world.

  • Richard Calvert

    Tea Party, Dude!

  • Citizen

    The MWL and SaudiaArabia both should be labelled as terrorist entities!!  They are not our friends.  Hillary Clinton should immediatelt fire the deputy chief of staff for past, and her present belief that this country should be destroyed and Sharia-law and its vicious tenents be used against us.  DID HILLARY REALLY “VET” THIS PERSON BEFORE SHE HIRED HERE??  Hillary still has her 1960’s antri-ammerican bent – that is why Obama chose her for the position she currently occupies.  One other note – why did she give Russia our islands that were a part of Alaska since the 1800’s?  What did we get in return?  Are these possible energy filled islands that Obama doesn’t want us to have access too?

  • And this is why Mrs Clinton was/is so keen on getting the USA involved in Syria for the
    the Muslim Brotherhood.  Sooner or later the Left Wingers all come to Roost on the side
    of the Muslim Brotherhood and Marksism.  Mental impoverishments best products!

  • xoxozo

    Get ready America…Hillery WILL be the next Democratic in 2016.  Don’t slack off if Romney wins this time.  Being TOO comfortable with the status quo gives  the Progressives STRENGTH!!!!

  • Myke48

    SO, what colour Bhirkka will Hillarious Clinton wear?

  • mike112769

    This administration gets more disgusting by the day.

  • Kdiity

    What I truly can’t understand is why the LameStream media covers all their *** about everything they do that HURTS this country !!! Am I missing something???

    (Edited by a moderator)

    cry and complain when things don’t go your way. You talk of how these
    Republican congress people are RINO’S. Do you realize that soetero would
    NOT have one dime to spend without the House giving to him…There is
    not ONE THREAD of difference between a republican and a democrat, the
    only person who thinks so IS YOU…Get you head out of you butts and do
    something about it before it’s TOO LATE (Martial Law). EVERYONE must
    vote each and EVERY INCUMBENT out of office, republican and democrat, NO
    EXCEPTIONS… PERIOD. soetero has been setting up FAILURE for this
    Country since winning office and he…

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  • Fothergillgirl

    Watch out for Hillary.  She is more to be feared than Obama…

  • sanddancer

    Why no comments here about Turkey and Indonesia (apart from the Obama link).  They are both ISLAMIST governments that don’t wish to see America/West destroyed.  Indeed Turkey is/was supportive of Israel until the the fiasco over the Gaza flotilla cooled relations for a while.

  • dan690

    If its either supporting the U.S. government or a foreign government Hillary will choose the foreign government every time. Much like Obama

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