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Muslims Immigrants Argue They Should Not Be Forced To Assimilate…DEMAND National Anthems Replacement. | JEWSNEWS


“You Islamic assholes will do whatever we tell you. If you do not want to do whatever us Americans tell you you are always free to go back to the shitholes you came from. I myself being an American whose family goes all the way back to the Revolutionary War and the Indian tribes before that do not want you here. For you are all a cancer that is trying to in fact the very Republic we stand for. Go and ask other leaders of the world who have tried to come between the American people and their government that they have placed in power a government for the people and by the people of the United States of America. Well those leaders who have gone against the people of the United States have been wiped out and blasted from the Earth itself. You stupid Islamic bastards do not even begin to understand the hatred and destructive power that you will unleash if you keep up this madness of Islamic stupidity. God Bless America”

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