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Baker and establishment GOP RINOS repay Chanel for her hard work


Another Massachusetts state committee member knocked off by charlie Baker and the Rino establishment GOP. At the state committee tonight The State Committee woman was voted out of power by Charlie Bakers Rino pro Gay everything hacks. The Female who won the seat is a Baker Hack who will do anything the establishment Rino State GOP tells her to do. Our Republican party in Massachusetts loses again. Keiko Orrall the Gop Baker hack Rino Baker puppet won by a close vote some what questionable close vote. Chanel is just anouther tool Baker and the establishment GOP used then threw her out like the trash when they found a more obedient State Committee woman Keiko Orrall. Note to this is Keiko’s husband was just given anice paying job in the Baker administration $$$. It pays to be a good tool to the establishment Rino GOP. Goodbye chanel. Guess if your not pro Gay they dont need you anymore. Thanks for the establishment memories but bye bye



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