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Massachusetts liberal Rino government



” this is what the Massachusetts Republican party has turned into under the leadership of a liberal Baker and the liberal Polito and the rest. We the people of the Commonwealth thought we were electing a Conservative Republican governor. Governor baker has not LED the Commonwealth has a conservative he is a liberal he is for the other side he is not for our conservative values. He is a liberal the people he has around a more liberal the people who head up all the important posts for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are liberals. I am calling on the people of Massachusetts to recall this governor where to find some way to make the true Republicans and the Republicans in the legislature who are not corrupted by this Rino governor governor to step up and speak out against him. The people of Massachusetts overwhelmingly are not for the bathroom bill are not for gay marriage are not for the fees and fines and are not for holding young women as hostage General Hospital’s keeping them away from their parents making them Wards of the state. And we are for a governor who will stand behind the party he is in the Republican party and support the nominee for president. Semper fidelis wake up America




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