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The Baker Slate Goes Down | Howie Carr



” big dig Charlie making sure he pays off Keiko Orrall and her hack husband. Just when you thought Massachusetts state politics were cleaning up. Guess again folks payoffs bribes scandals big money jobs how the rest of the fun and Corruption you can only find in Massachusetts it’s back folks thanks Big Dig Charlie for bringing it back have her bring it on that bathroom bill so all our women and children who are females in this state feel afraid to go into their own restrooms because they don’t know if some pervert dressed like a female will be in there waiting for them. And thank you Karen Polito for backing everything Charlie’s done. I would like to ask the chair Keiko Orrall about where’s the Republican Party why isn’t the Republican party of Massachusetts speaking up against this liberal form of government that Charlie is shutting down our throats by not backing the Republican pick for president and also pushing a liberal idea like the bathroom bill on all of us I feel the whole entire Republican party in Massachusetts has lost their moral compass and is also lost their minds I think all the representatives and senators in your Massachusetts house that went against this insane bathroom bill and back are presidential pic of Donald Trump for president the Republican pick the people’s Pick. Charley Baker’s screwing up when Trump becomes president he will not give Massachusetts a dime because our governor did not support him.”

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