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Talk Show Host Ed Lambert Rips MassGOP Establishment – Calls Out Republican Leaders for Opening of Local Campaign Office as Gov. Baker, Lt. Gov. Polito, Party Chair Kirsten Hughes and Others IGNORE TRUMP
September 5, 2016  admin
Editor’s Pick

by Lonnie Brennan
HYANNIS – Long-time WXTK Cape Cod Talk Show Host Ed Lambert ripped into MassGOP Chairwoman Kirsten Hughes for her lame “grand opening” of the Republican “Victory” office in Hyannis in late August.
“The Republican Party is lacking leadership from the top,” Lambert said. “No signs for [Donald] Trump. No bumper stickers. Nothing,” he explained, relating how RINO [Charlie] Baker has stated that he will not support the Republican nominee, and has urged others to not vote for Trump – essentially aiding a Democrat Hillary Clinton win.
What’s worse is that Party Chair Hughes and Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito joined in the grand opening, ignoring the top-ticket Trump, and then Republican candidate after candidate who spoke at the event similarly ignored any mention of the Republican top-ticket winner. Indeed, Lambert noted that only one candidate mentioned that she would support the top-ticket nominee at the event. One Trump sign was present at the event, but neither Trump signs nor materials were available for any attendees to take home.
“I had to get stickers from Holly Robichaud [political consultant and Trump SuperPAC Massachusetts leader –],” Lambert said, adding “they, the MassGOP, didn’t have anything.”
He devoted a portion of his extremely popular morning show to the topic, as he called for the resignation of Hughes. Several days later, obviously shamed into it, the MassGOP relented and made some Trump campaign materials available at its office.
In contrast to the Republican top leaders, the state’s Democrat Party has manned their Hyannis Main Street storefront for months, and has plastered its windows with signs for all Democrat candidates, and made available resources, signs, bumper stickers and campaign literature for all candidates, especially the presidential

Clinton Ma Tea Party says:
September 5, 2016 at 4:14 pm
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The Massachusetts Republican party does not exist. Sure you can look it up in the phonebook but it is not the party you think. The Massachusetts Republican party has been infiltrated buy very hardcore liberals. For instance governor elected as a Republican for the state of Massachusetts Charlie Baker. Also lieutenant governor elected by the people of Massachusetts as a Republican Karen Polito these two liberals governor more to the left then probably Barack Obama. We also have an attorney general Maura Healey who has gone after the second amendment in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts just like the judges went after those poor people who or claim to the witches in the 1600. The state committee. The Republican state committee is a joke a farce if you do and follow the orders hvar sitting Governor Charlie Baker in his liberal plans you’ll be rewarded with a nice state job with a great salary just ask State Rep Keiko orall her husband has been given a great job by Charlie Baker and Company.Republicans who were set up to be for Trump in our state are as much for Trump as the Marine Corps is 4 Isis. I am still calling for the impeachment or recall of this corrupt administration of Charley Baker’s just getting rid of Charlie Baker but getting rid of everyone involved who is a rino and a disgrace to the Republican Party

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