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Broken Leaders of the Massachusetts Republican state committee


” I am going threw the vote rolls for all Massachusetts races for the Republican tickets. That means State reps senators selectmen’s City councilors all the way down to dog catcher. I would have thought that the state committee for the Republican Party under 1 Kaufman and to Keiko orral, would have made sure that every single democratic position in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that was up for this election would have had some competition against it but I guess that is not how the Republican party of Massachusetts work this utter failure are the state committee heads of closing up shop so early so they could not find candidates to run against every single Democrat liberal who is destroying this state had somebody running against them. On the physical side of that I believe it is always good to run a republican against a Democrat just so the Democratic party has to spend money on their candidate whether it’s a win or lose we still win because we bleed them of their cash. I know by now I sound like a broken record but I want a Total Recall of this entire Charlie Baker the Rinos Rino Administration and also I want new leaders of the state committee people who would actually run people candidates against Democratic candidates instead of letting the Democrats go unopposed and handing them power and are commonwealth so they can further screw over the people of their money Liberty and what John Adams and John Hancock put into the constitution of the Commonwealth. That’s just my say on the matter I wonder what others think or on the Republican side living in this one-party state of socialism.” CFB2



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