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Why Hillary Clinton and rest of Democrats have to lie


I always found it funny through the years that the Democrats have to always lie the liberal Democrats, that’s their only way in they have to lie about their positions because if they told the truth about their positions and how they want to run this country straight to come in as him and the hell that that brings on they wouldn’t get any votes plus they would have people with pitchforks and torches chasing them kind of like out of a Frankenstein movie they didn’t have to fact-check any of trump stuff last night because he told the truth Hillary on the other hand head wires going up her back an earpiece being coached by whoever won’t even tell the truth about her health condition I find it a medical miracle that she stood on her own two feet for 90 minutes. Trump take the high ground with not attacking Hillary or Bill about all the bimbos bill has done sexually, Trump would not mention this in front of their daughter Chelsea Clinton, that was very classy of trump you won’t see the clintons being classy.




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