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The Beginning of a New America 2017


Clinton ma tea party

Beginning of a New America 2017

The Presidency of Donald J. Trump will be like no other Presidency in the history of the United States of America. One of the Great statements in Presidents Trumps Inauguration Speech is “We must Think Big and Dream Bigger”.

The optimize and Patriotic Nationalism Our new President has for our country and the American people is a true breath of fresh air, Not seen or spoken of in the eight long painful years of Obama and Democratic Liberal rule, All we heard for the last eight years is how bad and ashamed about how Americans should be held back and punished for the so called evils we have caused the rest of the world.

I feel this liberal anti-American way of thinking is a bunch of horse Manure. Liberalism needs to be destroyed in our country once and for all. Placed in the trash pile of failed socialist policies, Never to be used again.

We finally have a President of the United States of America, Who “Loves America” Trump also said in his speech ”We will put America first in everything”. This is a man who will do everything He has said. America will be great again.

The rest of Americans need to speak up against any liberal who speaks of the policies that have driven our country to the ground. The lunacy of the left must be driven out of our American lexicon.
This goes for Democrats and Establishment Rino Republicans.

Here In the State of Massachusetts. We have many who were very strongly against Donald Trump as he was running for President. Now a lot of these Two faced traitors are acting like they have been for Donald Trump since the beginning. All one has to do is go back a few cycles in the facebook posts or the letters to the editors these two faced fakes have written against Donald Trump.

President Trumps closest advisors have been shown since the beginning of the Presidential race, Also been following the traitorous activities of these Rats.
Maybe some of them have seen the light, I have some faith they have but in reality they haven’t and are just cheering for the winning team. They will stab and badmouth the policies of our new President as soon as they can.

The rest of us true Americans must use a watchful eye on these Rats. We must expose them and show them for what they are and thus making them the useless tools in the American Experience. The remanding liberals (hopefully the last of a dying breed) will try everything to de-legitimize President Trump from day one of his Presidency.

The news media, George Soros, The Clintons, The New world order gang lead by The Bush Clan, Oh I can not forget our out going Traitor and Chief The Obamas and the Iranian traitor scum that surrounds them from Valerie Jarrett, Huma Aberdine. The rest of the Islamic American haters that filled Obamas administration to destroy America.

We also have to stop Massachusetts Nut ball Senator Elizabeth Warren, Communist Bernie Sanders, New York Democratic Senator Schumer, California wacko Pelosi and others who speak with a pro-liberal anti-American voice. We as true Americans must siege this moment in American History to rid our country of liberalism and Rinoism forever. Cast them out speak up against the madness pro-socialism they spew from there mouths.

God Bless Our President
God Bless America

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