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Response to Democrat Congressman McGovern



January 27, 2017

Sterling Meetinghouse News
P.O. Box 914
Sterling, MA 01564-0914

RE: Letter to the Editor (Response to Congressman McGovern)

To the Editor:

     For those desiring to read the ramblings of a Pernicious Partisan Socialist Twit, I recommend highly Congressman James McGovern’s January 25, 2017 missive in the Sterling Meetinghouse News. Among McGovern’s pearls of Lefty wisdom were these:

     “It is important that we make clear to President Trump that we will not acquiesce in the
      face of policies we deplore. Politics is not about rolling over, politics is about standing
      up and fighting for what you believe in.”

     This from one who, over his many years in Congress, made countless “junkets,” at taxpayer expense, to repressive Communist Cuba, ruled with iron fists by the murderous Castro brothers, Fidel and Raul, thereby rendering aid and comfort to an enemy regime entirely antithetical to our moral and political values and principles. Precise numbers are unavailable, but it is estimated that the Castro brothers, by firing squad and other methods, murdered between 2000 and 4000 political opponents during their decades of illegitimate rule. Beatings and imprisonment are meted out by Raul Castro to political opponents still. Check out Cuba on the Human Rights Watch website. Fidel Castro died in 2016 and, one presumes, is now experiencing his reward in Hell, where Congressman McGovern may meet yet again his fellow Socialist traveler sometime after his Trump travails are over.

     McGovern ‘stood up and fought’ proudly for the scandalous Hillary Clinton, who, thanks to the tireless efforts of Judicial Watch and other watchdog organizations compelled to pursue federal court actions to enforce their FOIA requests, was exposed as having committed more than 100 felony violations of 18 United States Code, Section 793(f), by mishandling classified documents– doubtless hacked and obtained by our prime enemies, Russia under the murderous thug Putin, and Commie China. Thanks to the partisan Democrat hacks Obama selected to head the Justice Department, first Eric Holder, the only U.S. Attorney General ever held in contempt of Congress, and next Loretta Lynch, who, wink, wink, met, just coincidentally, Ms. Clinton’s scandalous husband, “Slick Willie” himself, June 27, 2016, on the sly, in her aircraft at Phoenix Sky Harbor, just one week before FBI Director James Comey, the 6’ 8” Political Gummy Worm, announced that Ms. Clinton would not be prosecuted for her “extreme carelessness” in

mishandling those classified documents, Ms. Clinton skated on to the Democrat Party nomination. All that surely sent a righteous tingle up McGovern’s Left leg.

    Oh yeah, did anyone see Congressman McGovern ‘stand up and fight’ for the Rule of Law while multiple scandals roiled the Obama Administration from its beginning to merciful end (See “The Scandals that Valerie Jarrett Overlooked,” Washington Times on-line, January 4, 2017)? Me neither. Perhaps he was down there toasting the Castro Brothers.

     The best that Congressman McGovern can do for us now is to help stop Partisan Global Whining. So here’s my advice to him: Just Shut The Frig Up And Go Back To Cuba.


                                                                                                        James F. Gettens

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