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Vermont will not meet its emission targets.

Emissions in Vermont have been increasing since 2011, and the state is not expected to meet its GHG emissions targets with current policies. Vermont statute mandates that state GHG emissions be 58 percent below 2005 levels by 2028. Under current policies, however, Vermont emissions are only projected to be 14 percent below 2005 levels in 2028.

Vermonters should be ashamed of themselves! We only have 12 years left before climate Armageddon and here they are spewing all this dangerous CO2!

The climate bureaucrats are suggesting raising taxes by up to $434 million/year and enacting more regulations to save the planet. But Vermont has a high share of emissions from transportation and heating fuel use, and both of these sectors are difficult to decarbonize.

Well there is a way for Vermont to decarbonize those sectors. Heat with wood and go back to the horse and buggy days! Loggers can also go back to using horses and sleds. No more harvesting machines or chainsaws either. Only hand chopping with axes or manual sawing. After delimbing and bucking, the cut logs can be rolled onto sleds and skidded to the landing by horses. No more cars, trucks, or power plants! Bring back the 1800’s! It’s up to you Vermonters to save the planet!

Good luck,

Your Friends from the Granite State of New Hampshire – < ; – )

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