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Holed up, hunkered down, and held hostage


teton patriot
One way for a instant end to this quarantined crisis is to immediately stop the pay of ALL government workers , State and Federal, during any lockdown. Pain is shared but some share a lot less……

GeezerGeek. All Americans who care about liberty should write to their overlords, the ones responsible for the loss of freedoms, and inquire about the legal basis for what they’re doing in this ’emergency’. Are there specific triggers that allow them to impose these draconian measures, or are the overlords doing this on whimsical, non-substantive grounds? Are they really following any enacted laws? If so, was the basis for the laws legitimate? This needs to be done at every level, and it may provide a basis for fighting any existing laws that allow this sort of overreach.This goes to the highest levels. PDJT and Congress have combined to destroy the economy; not that it started with Trump, it has been going on for generations. Unconstitutional overreach has killed America. States have constitutions too, and the actions of governors need to be closely examined. Once we know what they did, the question becomes one of finding a remedy. Will Facebook or Twitter even let us discuss remedies?I am reluctant to propose increasing the number of laws, but some that clearly define the limits of government overreach in times of ’emergency’ my be needed, and they may need to be very specific. The Constitution does not really go into details, because it was meant for ‘a moral and religious people’. That’s from John Adams, and he can be expected to have known such things. Unfortunately, that no longer applies to Americans in general and certainly not to our overlords.I keep finding myself thinking “it’s good to be old”. Will all you younger readers find it in you to push back? #RESIST!

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