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Trump-haters are ignoring the ‘settled science’ about off-label use of drugs


For the media and their TDS constituency , science is just another excuse of obstruction. The 65 years of safe use of HCQ to treat malaria, lupus and RA was discounted and it was essentially labeled as poison as soon as DJT mentioned it could be a game-changer. Or, we continually hear Covid-19 “is not like the flu” so we can’t assume it will die out with the warm weather, however, ironically, getting the flu vaccine (and putting money into big pharma coffers) is touted as helpful, and despite CV-19 not being like the flu, we should all stay on lockdown, because there may be a second wave like the 1918 flu pandemic. See how it works, when science is useful politically, it’s sacrosanct, and when it’s not, it’s “misinformation.” Suzy Q Public

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