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Unbearable truths about our current political moment


Yes, and no. Ordinarily states should be given wide deference on controlling their election process. That deference stops, however, when a state’s mechanisms deprive citizens, effectively, of their right to vote and to obtain representative governments. It is arguable at least that these various schemes in Blue states are in fact depriving citizens of their vote. After the Civil War, federal troops occupied southern states to ensure that newly emancipated blacks would be able to vote. Surprise, surprise… as soon as those troops were withdrawn the Democrats (and their newly minted KKK militias) took away that right to vote. What about today? A better route might be to use the Left’s lawfare against them by filing suit against these states and getting the Supreme Court to rule that these states are violating the Constitution. If we can get one or two more Justices appointed, it could very well work. SilentT

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