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Brushfires: Little guys revolt all over in blue states with heavy lockdown orders


Representative democracy involves the consent of the governed and widespread civil disobedience is a big red flag warning of unjust laws and an inevitable zero consent. No consent, no rule, and with large numbers of people now ignoring lockdown orders, the legitimacy at the top fades. 

The growing popular defiance is a challenge to the legitimacy of these blue state governments whether they know it or not.

It’s time to just reopen and get back to life. We live with SARS, H1N1, etc. We live with the Flu going around every year. It’s time to live with this too, and get back to work, back to travel, back to life. Every time we get out of bed, and walk out that door, we’re stepping into risk of death. Part of life in this world is risk of death. Period. PeopleHateTruth

“If you think you’re leading but no one is following, then you are only taking a walk.” — John Maxwell

Bravo to each and every person, town and county who is standing up to the petty dictators, who are doing nothing to ‘protect’ citizens, but who are actually trying to destroy their lives and livelihoods!! GJean

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