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Chicago Church Holds Sunday Service In Defiance Of Orders; Mayor Lightfoot Vows To Educate Into Compliance

Pastor Cristian Ionescu, of Elim Romanian Pentecostal.

We don’t want to take more aggressive measures unless we’re forced to do that because people are defying it,” the mayor said.

“These are the pertinent questions to be asked. What right does any government have to violate the right of free assembly and freedom of religion? Who is forcing anyone who is either elderly or immunocompromised to attend any church service?”

I lived through the revolution of 1989 in Romania. What is happening now is way worse. It’s DO or DIE time. We need to act now or will not make it until 2030. Transylvanian wolf

As I often like to point out, it’s the governor (tyrants) that are defying the Constitution. Opening a business and a church is not against the law. The tyrants need to be in jail. Peter789

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