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Communism Survivor Warns What Will Happen if Americans Take Freedom for Granted


…communist states killed as many as 100 million people collectively during the 20th century, more than all other totalitarian regimes combined during that period…

Americans have taken for granted God given Freedoms for 100 years, ever since Wilson and the creation of a central banking economic debt system called the Federal Reserve. USA has been a socialist country ever since. The adoption of German socialism by Roosevelt. The social security that never ended, after depression caused by the federal reserve. And the creations of Gestapo/Gulag system of national security, the FBI/CIA/NSA, etc..the brutal IRS, a threat to free markets, the socialism of both united parties of Democrats/Republican in setting up regulations, requirements for business licences, the welfare/warfare socialism, bail outs of corporations and banks. Government interference in every aspect of life, housing, health, education, transportation, utilities.. The worst kind of socialism in USA is manufacturing of a scam pandemics by government and the oligarchs to shutdown economy. Create deliberate unemployment, deliberate shortage of food to control food and people. And then come up with a communist “purge” plan to rehire the unemployed, as government employees, “contact tracing” army of disease detectives, with the intention to quarantine, and separate families, separate doctors from patients, students from teachers, faithful from pastors, customers from vendors, in a restrained virtual reality concocted by oligarchs and technocrats. And the intention to house separated families in the FEMA camps, nursing homes, or God know where, under a guise of a virus. Yasmine Nasserrafi

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