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Unlike Obama, Trump is Refilling Crucial Emergency Stockpiles


Trump…will work to ensure the United States is prepared for the next public health crisis. In March, he previewed the plans at the White House. 

Yep, Obama left the shelves bare for seven years. HHS was busy buying bullets – HHS bought billions of bullets for what? To get them off the street! Remember when .22 Caliber and 9mm were hard to get for a few months while HHS was buying billions of dollars in rounds? Of course this is America where companies are free to manufacture things like bullets…. the market opened back up. Now what happened to all the bullets at the HHS?

Bullets for PPE! Sounds like a good leftist policy! Carolina constitutionalist

When I say Leftism is a foundation constructed upon a disavowal of the concept of Cause and Effect, this is why. They simply stop thinking at the precise point it ceases to feel good, each and every time. The rounds being inevitably eventually replaced, is just another reason to note these people offer nothing but what amount to Poli-Sci Grad School theses which should have been rejected out of hand. But no one ever questions result. Intent is forever sufficient. Msctex

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