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Newsom’s Budget Closes Veterans Nursing Home, But Gives $80 Million To Illegal Aliens


US Supreme Court Rules with President Trump – Reinstates Law Making It a Felony to Encourage or Help People to Come or Stay in US Illegally
By Joe Hoft
Published May 13, 2020. Carabuser246

And Kalifornistan is having budget problems with their out of control spending. They already pay Med-i-Cal for illegals giving them healthcare free basically while the rest of the tax paying Californians are under the bad effects of obamacare regulations and excessively high premiums. Charlie Hawk

Yes, let’s sue them endlessly, arrest them and rally to oust everyone of them. This ain’t going to happen in my country without severe and painful pushback. Severe. Let’s Roll America. Let’s Roll! Marine Friend

March en-mass on this thug. .. His hero’s are the ChiCom’s. Notice how all the blue state gov’s are in LOVE with the totalitarian style of the communists.. We are quickly approaching the point were civil protests are useless. John Steele

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