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Tyranny as far as the eye can see


The nanny state knows best.

Beware!  Be careful!  Watch out!  Don’t make a single move without state permission, or there will be consequences

The masks are a visible symbol to keep the masses scared. We need to counter this with images of unmasked people, out having fun; singing, and dancing.

We saw these images from Wisconsin last week, when the courts freed them for a while. As the blue states see these images, pubic opinion will change. Liner011

Yes once the people see that it’s safe to come out of their homes the Democrats have nothing. What I’m worried about is some enterprising Democrat Operatives may run seeding program to have an increase in infections to scare the people back into staying homes. That is even a greater possibility than any lingering virus out there. They may be doing that already in certain areas. Sonny Shaw

The writers of our constitution had a great understanding of tyranny and of human nature. Now, with this irrational fear sweeping the country, the tyrants cannot resist the chance, to bypass any constitutional freedoms that have been in their way for centuries. Liner011

The Constitution was written not for the times which the founders knew would change, but for human nature which never has. Mongoose

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