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DOJ Announces Charges Against Philadelphia Election Official For Stuffing Ballot Box with Fraudulent Votes to Help Democrat Candidates


How could this be? The Democrat-media complex tells us that voter fraud is just a right-wing conspiracy theory.

“These elections should be nullified. Because justice was delayed, it has been denied as it’s too late to actually nullify and redo these elections. Justice must be swift to ensure election security.”

B-but…but…that’s UNPOSSIBLE! My TV told me there was no such thing as Democrat voter fraud. I’ve seen all kinds of sworn affidavits on Twitter calling such accusations preposterous. They even demanded PROOF!

Ever notice who Congresswomand Jan Shakowski (Socialist-IL) is married to? “Political consultant” Robert Creamer. You remember him, don’t y’all? Project Veritas caught him, on tape, openly bragging about cheating on elections, and breaking the law to do it, including bussing out of state Democrat voters into Indiana from Michigan. Haven’t heard much from him lately, but I’m sure he’s been busy. He tends to go low profile right before elections.

Shocked. Shocked, I tell ya. Was my TV wrong? Bobdog19006

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