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Why do I have to go to an African YouTube channel to see this?


Following Lozano’s appearance on Fox, the State Pharmacy Board has backed down on its pressure on pharmacists to get a diagnosis before issuing HCQ. This according to No Agenda’s Adam Curry who lives in Austin and is providing his listeners with a lot of analysis of what is going on in the Pandemic. Last Thursday’s podcast, free to download, featured a few soundbites from a couple of epidemiologists who said that certain markers (the details escape me) are exactly the same between AIDS and SARS – too many to have occurred naturally via mutation. The conclusion is that SARS could well have been the result of research into an AIDS vaccine – Dr. Fauci’s baby.

No Agenda insists that Big Pharma controls the MSM and Fox. They made special note of how immediately after Trump’s personal use of HCQ was revealed, Neil Cavuto was ready with a seven-minute rant, complete with facts and figures re some bogus studies, culminating in his claim, just like Morning Joe, that “HCQ will kill you”. It’s as if he had an envelope sitting on his desk from Big Pharma, that said, “Open in Case of Emergency.” The truth is that HCQ hasn’t killed anybody. It’s possible that in some cases it was introduced too late in the process to save a life, but that’s about all.

The podcasts are free and very well done. These guys are industry pros and fun to listen too. They really like Kayleigh McEnany and Trump. www(DOT)noagendashow(DOT)com. Wind_Racer

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