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WATCH: MN City Council VP: ‘Anger’ Justified, But ‘You Have No Right’ To ‘Violence, Harm’ On ‘Very Communities’ You Claim To Stand Up For


Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for New York Magazine

I’m kind of thinking it doesn’t even matter if the cop was motivated by racism. A man is dead. Does it make him more or less dead if the officer was doing it out of hatred of black people or a more general contempt for those he’s supposed to protect and serve? Leftists Burden

I agree completely with this. Whatever criminal charge is applied should be the same regardless of what motivated him.

That said, I think the consternation over jumping to the conclusion that the motivation was racism stems from our modern society’s inclination to blame everything on race, which does serve to carry the flag for racial division in my opinion. Kip

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