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Who Kills African Americans?


But BLM’s analysis of the troubles of black communities is highly distorted, not least by what they systematically ignore, which is that most murdered blacks are murdered by other blacks. 

Let us be clear at the outset that African Americans legitimately have grave complaints about the extreme abuse their ancestors suffered under slavery and the discrimination and disabilities imposed upon them after slavery.

No they do not.

People over 150 years removed from slavery and over 50 years removed from legal discrimination have no legitimate grievances to claim over what happened to their parents, grandparents, and distant ancestors. It’s nothing but a cop-out to attempt to escape responsibility for the consequences of their own choices and decisions.

They could have CHOSEN to pursue a life path that would have taken them into the comfortable middle class — just as my store manager, my pastor, and my favorite co-worker did. That particular co-worker being old enough to remember real discrimination, but having CHOSEN not to let it hold her down.

Instead these people who whine and gripe about the awfulness of living in the freest, least discriminatory, most prosperous, widest-open society the world has ever known have CHOSEN dysfunction. It’s their own fault and their own responsibility. Mother_of_4_Original

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