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Leftist Professor Who Won $1 Million TED Prize Issues Instructions For Destroying Monument


Does anyone else see the irony that an Egyptologist is deeply concerned about slave labor but wants to preserve Egyptian monuments built by slave labor? Scot

This is of course a direct violation of twitters terms of service. Ronin

Does the empty vessel really think you’re going to have time to do this before the bodies are stacked up thanks to the US taxpayer. That’s who owns the monument not so sniveling detritus that’s soaking in liberal white guilt. 2SmartforLibs

I’ll keep her words in mind next time I want to pull down a leftist statue and deface it.

She also inadvertently gave me instructions on pulling down the FDR statue in DC among other places.

I’m going to chop his head off and put a little red clown nose on it. it will make great home decor.

Maybe I’ll do the Margaret Sanger statue too! John Malin

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