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SHOCK VIDEO: This Was St. Louis Last Night — NOT Afghanistan — THIS IS NOT A PROTEST – IT IS A WAR ZONE! — 4 Police Shot, Gas Poured on Officers


Back in 1970 in his classic book on domestic unrest, The Riot Makers, Eugene Methvin identified police absence or pullback as the accelerant on riots

Retired police captain David Dorn

It was just an excuse to kick off an insurrection. Useful idiots need to stop their virtue-signalling “protests”. NoTreading

RIP Captain Dorn. My heart goes out to his family. Waste of a good man. AwryPatriot

My heart goes out to his family as well. You can see in his picture he was an intelligent, strong, but fair, man, who probably had a big heart. God rest his soul. The City of St. Louis should have a fitting memorial for him, and it would also be fitting for POTUS to acknowledge him. Elaine

Man, that video shook me to my core, bringing back some bad memories. This is an American city in, 2020. If these thugs are brazen enough to engage the police in a firefight, what would they do to a defenceless neighborhood? Hold onto your AR’s and AK’s. I’ve got a feeling, You May Need Them. USMCDanang1966

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