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‘Defund the police’ creating deep rift between two key Dem constituencies, Hispanics and Blacks


Looks like democrats chickens are coming home to roost? Zircon, Fidlei

The Democrats are trying to throw ALL PEOPLE of “color” into their pot of: welfare, crime, ignorance, violence, and broken families and lives. Problem: just maybe the Mexicans and other Hispanics do not want to be “black”. just maybe they do not want their families torn apart ( you know, the ones that actually have a FATHER and mother in the home) Maybe they want to support all the Hispanic businesses and the hard working people they employ. Maybe they want to come to this country and do the following: In-Up-and OUT of poverty. Many Hispanics live and work in my community and with my business Within 1 generation- their children are graduating from high school and then going off to college. Amazing people. Grizgirl

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