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So, Those are the Details the FBI Omitted in Russian Collusion Intelligence Report


If these folks are not prosecuted, the republican Attorney General will have done more damage to the country and the rule of law than the perpetrators. Pigressives Suck

Barr has already given get out of jail free cards to Comey, McCabe, Obama, Clinton, Biden, and several others.

The Dems were totally hoaxed by the Russian collusion crap. Republicans are being hoaxed with these bogus investigations that have already been decided.

There is no rule of law in this country any longer. Reasonman

I posted this on another thread, The D’s are tearing our country apart and the R’s write a letter. Unmastered

It’s all about rattling cages. Everyone, and I mean everyone in the DC loop has so much schitt on everyone else that no one wants to be a cage rattler lest their own get rattled! Delheerus

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