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Fact Checkers: ‘Black Lives Matter’ Not Recognized IRS Charity, Raises Funds Through ‘Fiscal Sponsor’


Do a search (duckduckgo) for

269 corporate sponsors of BLM

It’s shocking to see who are the sponsors of BLM and Antifa. I wonder if these companies deducted their contributions from their corporate income taxes. Jimhalfwit

Actually it’s all being run by George Soros and son: “ Thousand Currents “ is just one of over 1600 such supposed philanthropies run by and funded by Soros through his “ Open Society Foundation.” ~jr~Defiant Deplorable

Jason Chaffets talks about Actblue in detail in “Power Grab”. It’s a very impressive system to fundraise, launder money, play slight of hand and get around campaign finance laws. Schnefferpepper

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