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WATCH: Older Woman Told To Check Her ‘Privilege’ By Protester Who Wants Statue Pulled Down: ‘That’s The Best You Got, Little Boy?’


“This is not about race anymore, it never really was, this is about taking apart the fabric of America” she continued. “This is all about the fabric of America. They want us to read their narrative; freedom of speech so long as we say what they want us to say. Any kind of freedom at all is all about their narrative, the radical Left’s narrative.”

“We can’t allow that anymore,” she added. “This is America. We stand with all races, all colors, all creeds. People came to this country to seek those freedom, and now, from the inside out, they wanna take them away. It’s not gonna work. We won’t allow it.”

Here’s the thing that Lefties don’t get: if whites are so “privileged,” then why aren’t they allowed to speak publicly? What kind of privilege is that? BHolland

What a girly boy the guy with the American University t-shirt is! Can you imagine this jerk leading our troops? No, neither could I! This is the best the Left has and yet it looks like we will lose unless we stand up and stand up now to fight these arrogant self-righteous virtue-signalers! Alice L.

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