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Q-Anon:  the Trump pacification project continues


As Wikileaks noted in a post on Twitter, Q-Anon is a “Trump pacification” project. “Q’s” latest posts do not advise any “patriots” to re-open their closed business, protest the “lockdown” or medical martial law or resist other than by saying Wuh-gah Wuh-gah, most recently asking his followers to quote the constitution but not fight for it.

“What this article fails to address is what would happen if Q-Anon, and thereby Trump by extension, said to people clearly that it was time to rise up, take up arms, go to the governors and mayors and remove them from their positions or the like. Perhaps, by the constant Constitution reminders, the people will remember that they are the government and the governors and mayors are solely their representatives but the people are the government.”

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