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Trump Can No Longer Wait to Act and Speak Decisively in Defense of The Goodness of America


Apparently, the President is listening to those who counsel appeasement of the mob, who whisper that America’s patriots have nowhere else to go.  Have not enough failed Republican presidential candidates (G.  H.  W.  Bush, McCain, Romney) made this fatal assumption to their and our sorrow? Jared Kushner and his philosophical ilk should be banished from Trump’s presence, save family gatherings, until after the election. 

The idiocy of the left’s libels is so apparent that the speeches very nearly write themselves:

No nation in human history, enshrining freedom and the rule of law, has elevated so overwhelming a portion of its people, of all races, out of material misery and into an abundant life; no racial majority has done more over generations to raise up a disadvantaged racial minority — from the all-white US Supreme Court’s unanimous decision banning segregated schools, to the overwhelmingly white US Congress’s Civil Rights Act of 1964 and voting Rights Act of 1965, to the same white elite’s embrace of affirmative action in hiring and college admissions, to preferential advancement in police and fire departments, to subsidized housing and direct welfare payments.  And the nation is willing to continue such of these efforts, and more, that hold out promise of progress.  But it will not be blackmailed by threats of violence and mayhem, and it will never confess to the lie that its nation is evil or its white citizens and police are racist because of the actions of those who have been dead for more than a hundred years.

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