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Horowitz: Lockdown of children is harming immune systems and our best shot at herd immunity


BlackJack3D | Getty Images

Now, by turning kids into bubble babies and by overstating the threat of this virus to them by a factor of 100, we are ensuring that a generation of kids will be shielded from some of the more mild or common forms of coronavirus that they typically get over time.

This is the broader problem with the panicked response and how it will get more people killed by forestalling herd immunity. 

Indeed, because we didn’t use that reality as a pretext to create bubble boys because of common cold is, ironically, why COVID-19 turns out to be a cold or less for the overwhelming majority of people. Now that we panic over a cold because, for some people, it might be deadly, which has been the case with many other viruses, we will make it much worse than a cold in the long run and harm everyone, most importantly our children.

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