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DID YOU KNOW the Democrat Party, created by Confederate Democrat slave owners, is turning a blind eye to the slavery of Black Africans today by Muslims in the Middle East and Africa?


What does Black Lives Matter have to say about that? Nothing, apparently, because BLM isn’t about slavery, past and present, it’s about enslaving Americans with their Marxist/Islamofascist ideology.

Byrd was a mentor to many up- and- coming Democrats, including Hillary and Bill Clinton.
President Lyndon Johnson realized that he had to side with the Civil Rights Movement. The writing was on the wall for the segregationists by 1968.He and his colleagues in the Democratic Party knew that the logical choice for the newly-enfranchised Black voters would be the Republican Party, which had always stood for the abolition of slavery, and Black emancipation.
Johnson tacked against the winds of change and steered the Democrats to victory. He said: “If Black people are going to vote, they might as well vote for the Democrats…I’ll have them Niggers voting Democrat for 200 years.” And thus was created the “new plantation” of the Democrats! It’s a carefully guarded secret Blacks are not supposed to know…

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