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A New Prohibition Is Silencing the Deplorables


…government officials continue to regulate venues in ways that have nothing to do with health but which make the public discourse and camaraderie of bars, cafes and eateries nearly impossible.

no drinking after eating your meal! “Additional drinks may be purchased while the customer is consuming the meal, but no further drinks may be purchased after the meal is finished.”

Not only is the customer told when, where and how to eat and drink, but more arbitrary regulations ensure no friendly give and take is allowed.

The election of outsider Trump was a big middle finger to the ruling class. The lockdowns, mask mandates and other arbitrary and capricious harassments have been the establishment’s middle finger back to us. Bane of tyranny

Absolutely spot on. And they’re not done with the third-finger salute; not by a long shot. They will continue to punish us until we…submit. 2Smart4u

Rules for Radicals 101:

Call every gathering a protest of some sort.

Church? We’re protesting against Satan!

Concerts? We’re protesting against silence!

Pubs/Bars? We’re protesting against sobriety!

And last but not least, The polling place. That’s where we protest against stupidity. Dan Morgan

Open your business, restaurant and church. They cannot arrest us all. Steve Boussom

Great article. Included in our need is the need to destroy the ambulance chasing lawyers who will sue the pants off any Pub owner who dares to defy the non laws.

-All pub owners are threatened by the present ambulance lawyers. Wanna bet that Seattle and Portland will not be sued if one business owner declares they got covid-19 from the mobs defying the stay-at-home order?

Wanna bet that the pubs in Seattle and Portland that defy Inslee will be sued to bankruptcy if even one patron declares they got COVID? Petitemouse

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