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BREAKING: Antifa terrorists in Austin, Portland just received a large cache of weapons in preparation for coordinated multi-city “TET offensive” against America


“You may not realize it, but we are in a hot war. Why haven’t the US corporations’ funds been intercepted and those funding thos arrested?” Clinton MA Tea Party

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  1. 08/11/2020 5:26 PM

    President Trump has got to declare war on Antifa and bring in the troops. God help us! So, Antifa is not another country! Does that stop him? I don’t know … The governor of Washington state seems to have a mental deficit. The National Guard could be used … Or the governor is an enemy of our country too, and, in thick with Antifa. She could be removed. Trump, oh please investigate this aspect. We need lots of prayers for the healing of our nation. Our President has had nothing but attacks of hatred since he was elected. Even at his inauguration ….


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