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You Gotta Admire These Voters In Philly. So Committed That They Requested Ballots On The Day They Were Born, 98 Years Ago. And Kudos To Philly Government For Getting Them A Ballot On The Same Day!


The problem in America, today, is that even once the fraud is uncovered there are never any consequences for the crimes. No matter how much Democrat election fraud is proven, the MSM will simply claim it’s not true and Joe will get his victory. The DOJ and FBI are not legitimate so where do Americans turn for justice? Defiant

Precisely. I’ve said for several years now that the United States will be thrust into a civil war because the fascist left does not care about facts, evidence or the like. They don’t care that our feathers are ruffled. They extend a monumental middle finger to America and that’s that. We need to stand up for our country now. BE READY. Savage Jack

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